The FP7 project WISETRIP has demonstrated an effective way to integrate different Journey Planning engines, covering different geographical areas, to form a unified multi-modal planner for international journeys.  WISETRIP has addressed important needs of the international traveller including the provision of personalised information before and during the trip, under different usage scenarios.

Enhanced WISETRIP aims at building on the knowledge and results achieved within WISETRIP to bring new possibilities for planning, booking and travelling multimodal  journeys adapted to all user needs, multiple trip criteria, environmental impact and personal preferences. 

To manage unexpected scenarios, the project will realise and demonstrate integration of real-time and non real-time data sources, based upon efficient communications and decision management mechanisms that will be considered for traveller  alerting and trip re-design. 

Enhanced WISETRIP advances the state-of-the-art of international, integraterd multimodal journey planning towards efficient and green planning of multimodal international trips, through a unique mix of features. The baseline system defined in WISETRIP will be enhanced by developing and integrating the following services:

  • Including a wide grid of criteria at the planning or at the replanning phase. Such criteria include the CO2 footprint, the elderly and disabled preferences, as well as the typical criteria of the trip (time, cost, number of hops) and the various user options for a specific trip.
  • Enhancing trip plans by trip strategies in which various contingencies potentially encountered in a journey may be taken into account.
  • Introducing dynamic replanning based on real time updates of the underlying transport network.
  • Genuinely addressing door-to-door journey planning; considering real-time event data and information extra-ordinary situations; and offering the possibility of integrated ticketing
  • Utilising the most advanced web and mobile interfaces, including both handheld and in-vehicle devices; bringing journey planning services – urban and interurban - on top of commercial car navigation solutions
  • Offering the possibilities for other journey planners to be integrated with the open platform

The implementation of the enhancement described above will lead to the following major expected results:

  • Identification of the travellers’ needs and preferences in terms of journey planning criteria and trip strategy features.
  • Development of multi-criteria itinerary planning algorithms for journey planning and replanning
  • Development of algorithms specifying trip strategies
  • Development of an efficient real time data management system for processing and delivering real time alerts
  • Development of a carbon footprint calculation model
  • Development of an integrated ticketing service
  • Integration of additional journey planners and travel information systems
  • Development of system applications on handheld devices
  • Validation and Evaluation of the system and its impacts on user acceptance for Journey Planning




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