Enhanced WISETRIP system aims to become a reference point, a one-stop shop for users to find and utilize journey planning services across the world. Not competing with existing commercial local/regional journey planning systems, Enhanced WISETRIP provides an open framework for journey planners to participate into a service that builds and enhances services based upon their cooperation and interconnection.

In the framework of the initial WISETRIP project (TCP7-2007-213233) the implemented pilot application contains information related to routes within Greece, United Kingdom, Finland, Italy and China sourced from the following interconnected journey planners:

a) ENOSIS - a Greek Journey Planner (www.enosis.gr),

b) Traveline North East and Cumbria - a UK Journey Planner (www.travelinenortheast.info),

c) Journey.fi - a Finnish Journey Planner (www.journey.fi),

d) BusBussola - an Italian and more specifically a Florence Urban Journey Planner (http://www.ataf.net/) and

e) Chinese Journey Planner covering the city area of HangZhou.

The integration of new Journey Planners is already in progress. The following sections present in short the new Journey Planners that will contribute to the geographical expansion of the system.

9292  - A Dutch Journey Planner

9292 is the leading expert on travel information using Dutch public transport for over 18 years. It is a collaborative initiative of all public transport companies in the Netherlands: NS Dutch Railways, regional transport and urban transport. They are shareholders of 9292 | REISinformatiegroep Ltd., of which 9292 is a main brand name.

9292 provides door to door route planning for the whole Netherlands, based upon all available public transport means: train, tram, bus, metro and ferries in the Netherlands.

9292 is a daily source of travel information for public transport for all kinds of passengers. With the mission to make life easier for all people involved in public transport, 9292 brings all information from all transport companies together in a user-friendly way. “Travel information the way you want it and at a time that suits you best” is what they want to deliver through a set of innovative applications. The best-known are:

  • the telephone service 0900-9292: 9292 travel consultants are glad to find the ideal travel advice for each user. The travel advice can also be sent to user’s mobile via SMS for later use.
  • https://9292.nl/: the web application for route planning. User defines origin, destination, departure (or arrival) date and time, intermediate station (via) and preferred transport modes and 9292 plans the journey. Registered users can mark favourite locations and later use them to quickly plan new journeys. The website provides also information about delays and disruptions. 
  • Twitter: 9292 communicates with passengers via Twitter to help them along on public transport, informs about delays and receives users suggestions to improve their services.
  • 9292 apps for iPhone and Android: these new apps offer a user-friendly personal public transport planner. User can save his personal travel advice and take it with him, synchronise travel information or create personal departure locations and destinations (e.g. his current location using GPS, a known location like a shopping mall, station or landmark etc.). Information about important locations nearby the users location and map of the area are also supported.

EMT – A Route Planner for Madrid

Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid S.A. – EMT Madrid is a public company created in 1947 and runs the bus transport service in the municipality. Nowadays, EMT occupies 2100 buses that are available to travel in 217 routes across Madrid. Yearly, the EMT’s buses are traveling more than 100 million of kilometers, carrying 440 millions of passengers.

EMT route planner offers a route with an origin point and a concrete destination, based on the number of transfers, the used time and the least way covered by foot.

EMT route planner is currently available at www.emtmadrid.es, only in Spanish.

In-time Journey Planners for another 3 European Areas

In the framework of In-time European pilot  (part-funded under the EC CIP  ICT Policy Support Program, www.in-time-project.eu) the miXer™ Service Oriented Platform and mobile App have been implemented and validated, which  use data and services available through the In-Time Commonly Agreed Standardised B2B Interface to provide several Location Based Services (LBS) and Multimodal Journey Planning to travellers in Vienna, Munich, Florence, Bucharest, Brno and Oslo areas. A location (address, POI) specified by the user can be used to plan a journey from a place to another or to get information about parking places, public transport stops or traffic alerts in the proximity of the user. Additionally, once a journey is planned users can search for LBS information around the start, destination or intermediate points. Any of these points, in turn, can be used as start or destination point for another journey, depending on the user’s needs and preferences.

Within the Enhanced WISETRIP project, technical interfacing with the JPs operated by local organisations in Toscana Region, Vienna and Munich will be achieved. This will extend further the European coverage of Enhanced WISETRIP services as well as demonstrate and validate the interoperability of the In-Time open data B2B interface with the Enhanced WISETRIP platform and services.




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