Advanced ​and easy to use mobile services and applications have been designed to operate on the most popular smartphone platforms (Android, iOS). These will allow the user to access information that will meet their needs during their journey.

The integration of social networking services further enhances information exchange in case of disruptive events and user experience sharing. Information regarding the availability of Ticketing support services will also be supplied where and when it is available during the various trip phases.

The advanced mobile traveller aids also includes integration with ticketing systems, advancement of in order to accommodate the new functions and features of Enhanced WISETRIP, delivery of easy-to-read and easy-to-understand documents for all types Enhanced WISETRIP usage (mobile, web, social net).

The following aspects will be investigated by the project:

  • The project defines an HMI Mockup for each target mobile platform, as well as the design and development of the software modules composing the mobile client application:

  • SW Interface module: interfacing the mobile client with the Enhanced-WISETRIP server component

  • Model module: maintaining client side user and trip information up to date in relation to local events and synchronized with data coming from the server;

  • View module: responsible for projecting user and trip data on the platform-dependent graphical user interface, and of enabling the user to make choices and input data;

  • Controller module: interfacing and synchronizing the View module with the Model module.

  • Sensors modules: able to grab various sensors information from mobile platforms specific software layers.

The Project has selected a ‘thin’ client approach in order to maintain the maximum service flexibility and ensure data synchronization. Furthermore the thin client approach allows easy portability on different platforms (in the project frame, specific clients for the Android and iPhone platforms will be developed).

The system will open up the interface in order to include social networking features: the user will be able to provide single feedbacks or a full trip diary through a real-time Enhanced-WISETRIP service that will support the user in this task (possible social platforms targets are Facebook and Twitter). Enhanced WISETRIP functions will provide the means to share experience and information (such as alerting information) through social networking functions either at personal space or at WISETRIP specific places. Location Based services will also be supported by the Enhanced WISETRIP client in order to allow check-ins and ratings but also a more straight forward “tracking” feature for the loved ones and friends (possible social platform targets are Foursquare, Facebook places and Neer). 






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