Enhanced-Wisetrip at Holyrood Conference on Smart Sustainable Transport

Prof. John Nelson of the University of Aberdeen gave an invited presentation, featuring Enhanced WISETRIP, to the Holyrood Conference on Smart Sustainable Transport, 28th May 2013. 

The objective of the conference was to discuss how the proliferation of new technologies, greater collaborative opportunities, and novel approaches to mobility planning may offer both solutions and economic opportunities.

Prof Nelson's presentation considered how vastly improved information for planning journeys, with the citizen as both consumer and provider of vital information, should be the priority for many at the cutting edge of mobility planning.

Download the presentation

See also: http://sustainabletransport.holyrood.com/


The Enhanced-Wisetrip Website is now on line

The Website is designed to be the reference point to access information about the Project, the Enhanced-Wisetrip Website, accessible at: http://www.wisetrip-eu.org is targeting Actors, Experts, Stakeholders, Service Providers, User Groups and Individuals interested and involved in advanced, real-time multimodal Journey Planning Services and Solutions.

The Website’s structure is organised to promote the general Project objectives and results.  The general project information and outlook can be found into the ‘Project’ section, while the achieved results and developments can be monitored by looking into the ‘Results’ pages. Project Documentation (including Deliverables and Newsletters), Consortium Information and a News&Events section are also offered to keep visitors  up-to-date with the project progress.

In the short-medium term, the launch of the Website will also benefit from the exchange of references and resources with other experts and relevant projects, so please check regularly http://www.wisetrip-eu.org to be kept up to date with the progress of the project !
















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