Enhanced WISETRIP delivers full door-to-door travel planning and support for all users, including tourists, business travellers, students, elderly or disabled people. Information supplied will cover pre trip requirements and actual on the day real time information data to assist travellers,

The real-time information will provide the user with a number of features from a variety of sources, including alerts about events and situations affecting travel (accidents, strikes, extreme weather, ...). Dynamic, en-route trip re-planning services ensure travellers are always able to react to changing travel conditions.

A major enhancement of WISETRIP system relates to the provision of alternative efficient itineraries assessed under multiple criteria covering economic, environmental, and mobility issues. This type of enhancement will provide a journey planning mechanism that will offer a wide range viable and efficient multimodal itineraries enhanced with the capability of handling various journey contingencies including delays, cancellations, or mistakes made by the traveller during journey execution. 

The work performed in enhanced Wisetrip aims at the development of a journey planning mechanism providing static and dynamic itinerary planning services taking into account multiple criteria and travel constraints. The travel criteria covered in WISETRIP are travel time, cost, number of transfers and walking distance. The WISETRIP journey planning mechanism will be enhanced in order to include the CO2 footprint. Moreover, the WISETRIP journey planning mechanism will be enhanced to screen out any alternative itineraries either infeasible with respect to users specific travel needs/constraints or dominated by other more efficient solutions. In addition, dealing with journey contingencies is addressed through the provision of dynamic replanning capabilities anytime and anywhere. 


Carbon Footprint 

Carbon footprint model are developed and implemented, in relation to travellers profile, relevant modes and modal attributes and services as well as carbon footprint. The project identifies the model for carbon footprint calculation and the usage of carbon footprint in the algorithms for choices of modes and services in journey planning.


Dynamic Data Management Mechanism

The project defines and provides the necessary mechanisms to manage and process real time information properly in order to provide the user with accurate and useful information and replanning solutions in real time. The implementation of the mechanism needs to manage and process real-time - or other type of - information (disruption, cancellation, delay, hazard, strike, traffic, roadworks etc) in a proper way in order to identify the severity of the unexpected event. The correct evaluation of the real time data implies the need either for replanning the user’s route or just the need to inform the user about the event or delay.


Implementation of Multi-criteria Algorithms for the Static and Dynamic Itinerary Problem

The development of a computational engine solving any static or dynamic itinerary planning problem arising during the pre-trip or the on-trip phase of a journey is a further enhancement planned in the Project. The integration of the proposed computational engine in the Enhanced WISETRIP system will involve the establishment of communication with the core system in order to: i) receive the input data required for running the algorithms, and ii) provide the requested output.




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