exploring new possibilities
for planning, booking and travelling multimodal journeys

information delivery
to the traveller needs

wide grid of criteria
for multiple trip strategies

efficient and green planning
of multimodal international trips

efficient and green planning
of multimodal international trips

advanced mobile
traveller aid

and real-time

Building on the knowledge developed in the WISETRIP project, Enhanced WISETRIP  aims to improve the possibilities for individual planning, booking and making multimodal journeys. The system is designed to take into consideration all user needs, multiple trip criteria, environmental impact and personal preferences.


Enhanced multi- modal strategies

Enhanced Wisetrip is designed to provide international travellers with improved tools to assist with multi-modal journey planning and on-trip assistance especially where disruptions occur.


solutions for all users

Enhanced WISETRIP delivers full door-to-door travel planning and support for all users, including tourists, business travellers, elderly or disabled people. Information supplied will cover pre trip requirements and real time information to assist travellers.


Advanced mobile tools
to aid the traveller

Advanced and easy to use mobile services and applications have been designed to operate on the most popular smartphone platforms (Android, iOS). These will allow the user to access information that will meet their needs during their journey.





4th EWisetrip Newsletter available
Just released the 4th Enhanced WISETRIP Newsletter, highlighting the progress made to date in the development of the project.
6th Enhanced Wisetrip Consortium meeting
Valencia, 15-16 October 2013
Enhanced Wisetrip and Co-Cities cooperation
Standardised access to local journey planning services and multimodal transport data

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Wisetrip Travel Planner


The Wisetrip Travel Planner, whose development started in the first phase of the Wisetrip Project allow you to find your trips, save your profile and get real time notifications and reschedules. 

Go to the Wisetrip Travel Planner


Wisetrip - First Phase


The goal of the WISETRIP Project, launched on 1st February 2008 was to develop and validate an innovative mobility service platform, which provides and personalises multi-modal travel information sourced from connected variant journey planners and is accessible by travelers through various mobile or fixed devices before and during the journey.

To read about the activities and achievements of the Wisetrip project in the first phase you can visit the Project Website



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WiseTrip - first phase:

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